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Color, Line & Shape

Color Line and Shape Show Card by peggymintun
When: January 4-26, 2013
Time:  Friday and Saturday, 6pm to 9pm, and by appointment
Location:  City Art Center — 22 E. Winter Street in downtown Delaware, Ohio
What to bring (optional): a mobile device with a QR reader (we’ve had good results with RedLaser)

Special Events: An artist talk with the artists will be held on Saturday, January 19, from 4-6pm at the City Art Center. The event is free and open to the public.

CLS at CAC Art - 1 by peggymintun  CLS at CAC Art - 2 by peggymintun  CLS at CAC Art -3 by peggymintun  
Link to Artist Interview:…

* * *

Artist Statement for the Exhibit

Color Line and Shape
Texture, Space, Form

Whatever, I don’t get it.
My kid could do that.

Walking into any art gallery or exhibition of abstract art can be an intimidating experience. It’s easy to think of abstract art as something that belongs only to the elite class of rich art collectors and critics who can be found in big cities like New York or Berlin or San Francisco. But the truth is, that’s just not true.

Art belongs to everyone. While it’s easy to appreciate the technical draftsmanship of an image that is rendered with camera-like photographic precision, what about abstract work?

When you remove the easily identified references to people, places, buildings, and objects, you begin to see where the real magic can be found.

You see, good artwork, whether realistic or abstract, is not accidental. It is guided by an identifiable set of elements. These elements are the basis of a visual “language” that skillful artists can use and manipulate to great effect.

Creating an emotional or visceral response using only the raw elements of this language is in many ways more difficult than following the pre-made blueprint of reality.

In this show we present to you, the real owner of art, a set of images that distill the elements of design into their basic parts:
Color, line, shape, texture, form, space.

It’s our hope that by doing this, the next time you run into abstract artwork, you’ll be more comfortable looking at it in terms of these basic elements.

* * *

About the Artists

CLS at CAC Artists by peggymintun

Michael Bush is a self taught Abstract Artist currently working in Columbus, Ohio. Michael is a resident of the studios at 400 West Rich in Columbus, and currently holds the title of resident artist for Union Bar and Food. Find him online at

Tom Dewey is an artist and designer currently working in Columbus, Ohio. Tom is an Ohio native who graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design with a bachelors degree in fine art. Tom is currently a member of the Columbus Idea Foundry. He has always had a passion for travel, exploration, and discovery. He has been fascinated with the relationships between nature and industry much like relationship between fate and circumstance. These paintings represent his exploration of both.

Peggy Mintun is a visual artist and designer from Columbus, Ohio. Her art is a communication to you about her life, but it is open to your interpretation. Most of her art is abstract, emotional canvases, where she lets nonrepresentational shape and intense color tell a story to evoke emotions. It is chaos. She uses a chaotic process to create abstract narratives about emotions. It is poetry in contrast to the prose of realism. Peggy is a member of Energy Art Movement Collective (an international collective), CAW (Creative Arts of Women) Collective, the AbX (abstract expressionism) Collective, and founder of 4bstr4ct4rt (an international abstract collective). She also owns and curates the international arts magazine, Sublime Rush and enjoys interviewing notable people/artists for both Sublime Rush and Omnibucket. Find her online at (

Jay Moffett is a Columbus native, and a graduate of East High School and Ohio Dominican College. During his studies at Ohio Dominican, he found a love for painting. While pursuing other career options, he has continued to explore painting in various forms. His current work has been described by the Columbus Dispatch as “…minimalist explorations of color… Stark, simple and modernist, the work is heady with philosophical and aesthetic experimentation.” Moffett’s paintings are based in his theory of “colour and line,” being that paintings consist of two basic elements: colour and line; and for a painting to exist it must combine these elements to take its shape. His explorations have included vivid abstractions to bold but rigid lines of colour placed against natural wood or canvas. He includes the ideas that the paints and the canvases have their own life and movement that compete and/or combine to create the work of art. Moffett finds inspiration in artists such as Hans Hoffman, Frankenthaler, Rothko, Mel Rozen, Frank Stella, Doug Fordyce, and de Kooning. Moffett is a licensed funeral director and embalmer, operating his own trade service, working for various Central Ohio funeral homes and surrounding states. He is a graduate of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. He is a member of various organizations including the Couchfire Collective, Ohio Art League, Capitol City Pipe and Drums, Ohio Funeral Directors Association, and the Central Ohio Funeral Directors Association. Find him online at

David Senecal says, “I don’t want to affect your experience with a ‘statement’ so I’ll just tell you that my personal motivations for making art are constant but I have no interest in defining them here, like this. There is significance to the work that results – it’s not accidental or haphazard and the images I make are not ‘art for the sake of art.’ They’re closer to journal entries or possibly, prayers. I hope you find some aesthetic interest in them but regardless, they will keep coming.” Senecal, who resides in Delaware, Ohio, is a co-founder of 4bstr4ct4rt and Omnibucket. Find him online at
framesofreality Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
i log in after months of inactivity, and this is about the only cool thing i've read on this site so far. keep up the good work!
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